The Shadida Sisterhood runs three primary projects, each of which is named after a truly revolutionary individual who has been dedicated to feminism, women’s rights, and reconciling Islam with modernity. 


The Leila Ahmed Project 

The Leila Ahmed project in conjunction with the Girls’ School Association is an extra-curricular activity aimed at teaching young women the impact of individuals on governmental bureaucracies. 


Leila Ahmed is an elderly Egyptian-American scholar and feminist who has focused on the role of women in both Islamic societies and the West. Introduced to Islam by her grandmother at a young age, she came to disassociate her interpretation of Islam from the accepted and patriarchal status quo. Having to adjust to life in the West after leaving Egypt, she grappled with her Muslim-Egyptian

identity as she attempted to reconcile it with her newfound Western values. 


The project centers around interpretations of Leila Ahmed’s formative work Women and Gender in Islam in which she postulates that patriarchal forces dominating Islamic societies are a result of a skewed interpretation of Islam rather than Islam itself. 


SSH incorporates Leila Ahmed’s feminist inclinations into useful discourses that teach young British girls about the valuable contributions that they can make to their neighbourhoods and the impact that they can have on society at large via political campaigning. 


The Qasim Amin Project 

Qasim Amin was an Egyptian jurist, philosopher and Islamic Modernist who believed in reconciling Islam with the Western values of his time. He has historically been viewed as one of the Arab world’s first feminists, due to his advocacy for the rights of women throughout the Islamic world. 


By age 22, Amin, himself hailing from an aristocratic family, married into another well-off family and was appointed a judge. By age 36 he had written his controversial and heavily criticized work The Liberation of Women which was widely frowned down upon in the patriarchal Egyptian society in which he resided. Over the years, his position on the emancipation of women slowly began to gain traction within the male-dominated and hierarchical Egyptian society. 


Amin was a man before his time. His forward-thinking ideology was decades ahead of its time and is still widely regarded as a basis of Muslim reform, while his teaching continues to shine light on the emancipation of women in the Islamic world. 


The Shadida Sisterhood Qasim Amin project is geared towards college women, encouraging their participation in campus politics as well as governmental bodies. These young women attend a series of lectures and workshops in which they learn to recognize the inherent patriarchal structures that persist to this day and how they can enter the ranks and become positive forces of change from within. 


The Shirin Ebadi Project 

Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate, lawyer, and defender of human rights. The first Iranian woman to receive the prize, it came emblazoned with the script 


“for her efforts for democracy and human rights, she has focused especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children.” 


Ebadi was also credited as being one of the world’s 100 most powerful women in 2004. Very much like Leila Ahmed in political approach, she believes in a version of Islam that is in harmony with equality and democracy, not one in which women are governed by an elite that is comprised of patriarchal overlords. 


The Shadida Sisterhood’s Shirin Ebadi project brings together women from diverse backgrounds to meet and interact during close-knit evening sessions that encourages them to be more politically involved in their communities and society at large. 


The Shadida Sisterhood,  is committed to advancing women who are interested in pursuing demanding careers in civil society and politics. We have evolved to become a movement that works every single day to create a culture that emboldens women and girls to embark on careers in public leadership. 

Our organization is based on the notion of equality. With this is mind, we are dedicated to giving all women an equal shot at becoming elected leaders in the United Kingdom, regardless of their race, religion, social class, age, or upbringing. We believe that successful administrations of the future will be comprised of individuals from all walks of life, with diverse experiences and perspectives, and an equal distribution of men and women. 

Shadida Sisterhood makes the case that public service matters and should be considered as a viable career option by competent women who can be the difference they want to see in the world. Countless studies have shown that when women run for office they tend to win at the same rates as men, but are not nearly as often recruited or encouraged to seek political power in the first place. 

This is where the Shadida Sisterhood comes in and acts as a nexus between strong, independent, creative, and competent women and the political and civil servant vacancies on offer. We provide tailored guidance and substantial support to women who are considering running for office in their respective jurisdictions, backing their campaigns and drawing from a wealth of connections to push their agendas into the public limelight. 

By educating young girls and women about the importance of politics, as well as fostering a deep sense of service and the skill set required to be next generation leaders, we endow these women running for public office with abilities to achieve greatness in the realm of social and political power. 


 Empowering Women, Enriching Society 


 The Shadida Sisterhood is a nonprofit foundation with a mission to provide women with practical programs and the guiding mentorship that is needed to enter the related spheres of civil service and politics. 

We empower women and girls to achieve their full potential through our progressive programs, which draw from the writings and actions of some of the most inspirational and prolific feminists of the Arab world – Leila Ahmed, Qasim Amin, and Shirin Ebadi. 

Our ultimate goal is to instill equality between all peoples, regardless of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, age or social status. 


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